Highlight Video

Conference event for content marketing and social media.


Elegant postproduction increases viewer engagement.


Produce a highlight video for Tikit at a software conference event. For best results, we kept the video short, snappy and energetic. Below are some things we try to achieve when producing an event highlight video.

  • Upbeat background music
  • Elegant use of graphics
  • Include sponsors to encourage social sharing
  • 1-3-minute video
  • Strong call to action

What makes a successful event highlight video?

Audio Visual (AV)

Knowing the lay of the landing keeps you ahead of the game. The same applies to venues, what’s the AV infrastructure? Ultimately, will shape our approach to the production. Running the risk of poor sound quality, will ruin a production. Brand reputation is at stake. Instead, set the right impression, a highlight video with crystal clear audio.

Guest speakers

Will your event host industry leaders and experts? If so, take advantage and get them on camera. Most likely, their knowledge is in high demand. Therefore, feature the industry experts in the highlight video.

Event Theme

Does your event have a specific theme or message? If so, tell your production team early to look keep an eye out for it. It is easier to film a highlight video with a theme in mind, than trying to ‘wing it’ in the edit.

Brand advocacy

Who are the big hitters at your event? If possible, get them on camera talking about your business and event. Having the big players on screen, will encourage others to share you content. Moreover, if your advocate has a decent social following try get some backlink action.

highlight video

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