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Video interview: Best practise

Body Language & Gesture

If you talk with your hands, don’t sit on them. Take advantage of the power of gesture. Top tip – keep your elbows bent around the mid-section of your body. This will help keep your hands in frame.


Standard practise applies, keep your back straight and shoulders back (Unless there is a creative application in posture). Gents, if wearing a suit jacket, try to sit on the tail. This will avoid the hunch look.

Keep it conversational

Try to avoid jargon overload. Instead, like telling a story down the pub, keep your language colloquial. Tone of voice will trigger an emotive response. With a subtle change in tone, your content can either be received as formal or informal.

Get to the point and fast

With about 8 seconds to grab your viewers’ attention, your introduction is make or break. Be clear, concise and to the point. For a data event video, viewers are after industry knowledge.

Be yourself

A viewer is more likely to relate to an honest presenter. Try to avoid jargon and step out of the corporate persona. Know your subject matter – inside out! This will boost your confidence and help you relax into the interview. Don’t get strung up about mistakes, they make you human. Showing vulnerabilities will help elicit a better audience reception.

What to wear

Firstly, wear what you feel comfortable in. But also, keep your dress aligned to your brand image. Try to avoid pin stripes or tight patterns, they create a weird blur effect on camera.


We were contracted to produce a data event video for the Housing and Data Analytics Summit. Additionally, we produced stand-alone interview videos. When you have all the industry experts in one place, why not get them on camera talking about the industry. Lastly, we did event photography, for both social and print.

  • Highlight video (1-3 minutes)
  • Interview Videos (60 seconds)
  • Event Photography

Data Event Video

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