Military Charity Video

Military charity video production for Blind Veterans UK.

Creative Digital Video

Case study video and boxing event photography.

Case Study: John Taylor

Case Study: John Taylor


Produce a series of video vignettes to promote and champion Blind Veterans UK.

  • Case Study Videos
  • Event Video (Boxing)
  • Event Photography

How to make bitesize video content?

Story arc

Storytelling is no black magic, we do it every day. It’s simple, have a basic structure. Having a start, middle and end, will keep your viewer anchored to the storyline. Without structure, your viewer can easily become disorientated. Start with a problem; end with a solution. The military charity videos were all about success stories.

Video Length

  • 4.07 minutes, in 2018, was the average length of video.
  • 30 seconds, for Instagram.
  • 24-90 seconds, for Facebook.
  • 0.5-5 minutes, for LinkedIn.
  • 12 minutes, for YouTube.
Video Length Time for Social Media

Screen Space Optimisation (Aspect Ratio)

Screen Space Optimisation

Screen space optimisation is the first step to getting discovered. Getting noticed is getting harder. Screen space is competitive and becoming a paid privilege. Therefore, to grab the viewers’ attention, make the best use of available screen space.

Vertical (Mobile)

For mobile devices, a vertical aspect ratio works best. Instagram, for example, only supports vertical viewing. Horizontal content will appear as a tiny rectangle. Potential leads are going to scroll past.


Facebook, on the contrary, supports screen rotation. IGTV a long-form video feature on Instagram also supports screen rotation. The military charity videos used the horizontal aspect ration since Facebook was the intended platform.

Screen Space Optimisation Military Charity video production

Close Captions

What might surprise you, is the amount of people who watch videos in silent mode. Instead of working, those silent viewers are secretly skiving at the desk watching cat videos. Nonetheless, close captions will make your content more accessible.


Video Hosting

Hosting is where you upload and store the video. There are two options, natively or externally. It depends on your objective, what is your call to action?


Hosting natively is like an octopus, where each tentacle is a social platform and the host would be a website. In the example, the objective would be to drive traffic back to your website. By having many tentacles, your driving traffic from different sources.

Natively (Pros)
  • More tentacles, more traffic.
  • Backlinks

External hosting is uploading and storing your video on a social media platform. Social platforms will reward videos hosted on their platform. If you host your video on YouTube, there is an option to monetisation your traffic with Ads.

Externally (Pros)
    • Screen space optimisation for that particular social platform.
    • Reward schemes to boost native content.
    • Access to platform analytics
Military charity video production strategy

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