NHS Training Video

NHS Training Videos helped free up resources during the COVID outbreak.


Reach a wider audience with eLearning.

NHS Training Video - Behind the Scenes

Save money

Save up to 85% in training costs with video.

Reach a wider audience.

Optimise SEO.

Analyse metrics.


NHS training videos, helped free up key resources. We were able to streamline their training process.

Translate efficiency into savings, and your business could save up 85% in costs. With instructor-based training, the most expensive part is the delivery.

Why use training videos?

  • Saves money
  • Scalable
  • Sharable
  • SEO
  • Flexible
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • It’s measurable

Training Videos can save you money.

By switching to eLearning, your business could save up to 85% in training costs. The delivery is the most expensive part. Efficieny was the key benefit from the NHS training videos.

Reach global audiences with training videos.

Access to high-speed internet, has changed the way we receive information. Take mobile technology, people can watch videos on their phones. In this example, workers and volunteers were able to watch the NHS training videos remotely.

NHS Training Video

Monetise your knowledge.

With paid platforms such as Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning and Udemy, you can easily monetise your knowledge.

Training videos are scrapable for search engines.

Training videos could be a source of rich SEO key-phrases. In order words, your videos could help boost your Google search rankings. For more details, check out Yoast video SEO.

Video SEO - NHS Training Video

Customise your training videos.


Each training video is unique, with different audiences and objectives. eLearning can be delivered using live-action, animation or explainer style. Choosing the right style, will ensure your training videos are fit for purpose. After we want an engaged audience reception.


For this project, the NHS training videos were more suited to live action to show the medical procedures. On the contrary, children prefer animation over explainer style videos.

Anywhere, anytime.

Imagine the logistic nightmare of rolling out an international training program? How do you maintain quality assurance? With training videos, everyone gets the same experience. And with one click, your training video can be shared across time zones, continents and even language barriers.

NHS Training Video - reach a wider audience

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