Landing page video

Landing page videos can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%.


Wow, your clients with a slick portfolio of recent projects.

Behind the scenes.

Drone Real Estate.

Headshot Photography.

Real Estate Photography.


Use creative media production to showcase recent projects to be used online and across social media. Our key objective was to create a portfolio of recent projects to impress future clients.

  • Landing Page Video
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Drone Video and Photos
  • Headshot Photography

How to make your real estate video perform better?

Landing Page Video

First impressions count, and landing page videos are no different. With only seconds to convert a viewer, the video must be concise and to the point. To keep your viewer fixed, include the following;

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Why you and why now?
  • What’re your credentials?

Rich Thumbnails

To understand the power of thumbnails, head over to YouTube and see what successful channels are doing. You’ll notice bold text, contrast and an eye-catching image. This is tried and tested, a formula that works. Try to replicate your favourite channels.

  • Bold fonts.
  • Colour contrast.
  • Action image.

Video schema mark-up

Schema mark-up is the way your page appears in a google search. For example, your listing can include reviews, video or images. A scheme mark-up, otherwise known as a google rich snippet, can increase the click-through rate.

Check out: Yoast Video SEO

Video size and upload speed

As a video producer, video codecs are familiar turf. Recently, we switched to using h.265, otherwise known as HEVC. HEVC can reduce the file size by up to 50%, with no reduction in image quality. Fast load speed is essential; for user experience and Google ranking.


A transcribe allows Google to interpret your video. Likely, a rich source of scrapable data for Google to index your page. Google can now find and list a specific part of a video which is relevant to a search. To interpret the content of the video, Google needs a transcribe.

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