Whisky Event Video

Transform your whisky event video into a lead generating campaign.

Event Photography

Use professional event photography to capture your event.

Whisky Product Videos

Short, easy to watch videos are great for social media. In less than 60 seconds, you can give a full product review. For best results, use the following:

  • Keep it short.
  • Encourage interaction (like, comment & share).
  • Use a call to action (webpage).

Gosford House

Gosford House, located on the banks of the Firth of Forth has an impressive 5,000-acre estate of East Loaithan countryside. The neoclassical mansion is the residence of the Earl of Wemyss, the family who founded the Wemyss Malts. We were blessed to film a whisky event video at Gosford House.

Check out Gosford House here:



When Wemyss Malt celebrated their 15th anniversary, we were asked to capture the special moments. Wemyss Malt wanted a whisky event video, to capture the best parts. Alongside the anniversary, Wemyss Malt announced a new product line of whisky. They asked us to film some short product videos. Lastly, they asked for event photography, so they could share some snapshot on social media.

  • Corporate Event Video
  • Bitesize Product Videos
  • Event Photography

Brand Advocacy: Supercharge your videos performance

This whisky event video is textbook brand advocacy. Firstly, Charles Maclean makes a feature. Mr Maclean is don of the whisky scene; “Master of the Keepers of the Quaich”. When featuring an industry expert, your audience’s reception is more engaged. What’s more, the reputation of Mr Maclean is likely to attract backlinks and social shares when publishing the content.

Christopher Coates, Scotch Whisky Editor at Whisky Magazine, is another industry expert. By featuring industry experts, the chances of getting traction on social media will increase. Especially, if your features have a large social presence and give you content is initial boost.


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